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ASPBIFF8 generates Excel 97/2k+ native binary format files 2-3x faster than with Excel OLE automation. Yet it is written entirely in VBScript v5+ and so does not require Excel to be installed or registry of any components on the webserver. It is written as a VBScript class, and designed to be used as a simple include file from another ASP page which needs to generate/serve Excel files. It's only requirement is ASPOLE2, another (Open Source) VBScript class include file.

Source Code / Download

Downloads are available here or by visiting the Project Page on SourceForge.

Example Code

These examples assume the ASPBIFF8.asp and ASPOLE2.asp include files are located in the same folder on the webserver as the example asp page is located.


On the ASPBIFF8 demo page you can generate an Excel Workbook of up to 5 Worksheets, with datasets up to 500 Rows x 25 Columns, placed at up to 32,767 Rows down and 100 Columns over on the sheet.


Supports creating any number of Worksheets, naming Worksheets, and writing Text/Integer/Decimal values to any cell on any Worksheet.

Support for Formulas and Formatting can and will be added.

Feasibility of supporting QueryTables, PivotTables, Charting and Graphing is under investigation.




See our Project Page for downloads, support, or further information which may not yet be available on this site.

This project's only dependency is ASPOLE2, another project VBScript Class ASP include file (currently included in the .zip file download).

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Contact us

If you would like help, to help, or otherwise, please submit a support request through our project page, or contact the lead developer from that page.

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